Notes on the Boys Own charts from the excellent folks over at

"Beginning with the end-of-the-night. I only ever heard Less Stress` "Don`t Dream It`s Over" at Gosh, the Flying party at Dingwalls, way before the vinyl was ever released. Sound system culture and Crowded House. Did they win? One for everybody who saw the walls going up and just fucked off. Jack and the Thailand posse. The Miles Davis sample at the start of "Bomba" was a call to arms / the dancefloor for "Weatherall`s Army". I`d be at the bar with my long-suffering girlfriend and when its fanfare sounded, she`d roll her eyes and say, "Off you go". And off I went. I think Andrew usually followed this with A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dread. Stories of Wobble announcing his resignation from Public Transport over the loud speakers of the Tube train he was driving. The Invaders Of The Heart were brilliant live.

Eve Gallagher did a P.A. at Gosh. I`m pretty sure Deee-lite did one too. Gosh was where I met Bobby Gillespie, my barely recognisable rendition of "Velocity Girl" provoking a huge grin and head thrown back laughter. Saint Etienne cover The Field Mice, and get remixed by Pete Heller. The music here has been touched by the hands of Weatherall, Farley, and Rampling. This was the point when records began to be Balearic by design rather than by accident.

Deep Joy did a P.A. "Fall" was one of the last tunes I played, to usher in a new year, on the night I died the first time. Two hits of modern Soul and a House track that became a modern Soul classic. An update of a Bob Jones` Shoom Northern revival that still sends a warmth from the bass of my spine to my temples. A nervous relay. A chemical memory.

I hate Hate, but don`t you know I love Love."