Notes on the Boys Own charts from the excellent folks over at

"Music for Sunrise based on a Soul II Soul piano refrain. The Monkees. Again. Farley taking the cowbells. Who came first Snap!, Cool Rob G, or Rhonda Moore? Handclapping, Hair shaking. They used to give out tambourines at Flying. Farley was interviewed around the time of Bocca Juniors, attempting to explain to the NME that his background was not Indie-Rock but Reggae and Soul, despite having remixed That Petrol Emotion, Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, New Order, The Soup Dragons, and The Farm. It was just that the record companies wouldn`t trust him with someone like A Tribe Called Quest. A rare gentle moment from WestBam, that`s always made me think of Izit`s "Stories". Smith & Mighty can`t pay, won`t pay. Quite a few of the tunes here are reflective and trance-like: Carlton, Satoshi Tomiie, Sly & Lovechild and Rubberman. Who didn`t have a moment to Arnold Jarvis facing the possibility that "Maybe the feelings I had, I shared all alone". Perhaps these are just the records that I`ve ended up with. I don`t think I really needed to hang on to Morse Code`s "Thank God" or Rhythmatic`s "Take Me Back", but I should never have let Jamie Principle`s "Date With The Rain" go.

Fluke jump Joni Mitchell`s "Big Yellow Taxi" (a track I always assumed was an Eco-lament, but actually mourns the loss of a Hollywood Boulevard hotel). You don`t know what you`ve got `til it`s gone. "Palatial" has me slipping on The Milk Bar`s white tiles. The Rampling mix "inspired" Slam`s remix of The Voices Of 6th Avenue`s "Call Him Up", and it echoes still in new music such as Tornado Wallace`s "Thinking Allowed". Culture Club`s Jon Moss lifts Mike Oldfield`s "Tubular Bells" and another Farley rework swaps the "free your mind" exuberance of the original for samples from Aretha Franklin`s "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism". "Rubberman Rock Da House" becomes a kinda "Can You Feel It?" Weatherall borrows Farley`s Aretha LP and similarly "de-raves" Sly & Lovechild. It might be dark, but the morning comes. Joey Negro deploys The Peech Boys to bring some Nu Groove sunshine.

A Way Of Life keep "Flamenco Wave" alive. Victor Simonelli cuts up Lamont Dozier and McFadden & Whitehead amidst Disco Dynamite rave stabs. Was there a Progressive House record before Leftfield`s "Not Forgotten"?"