Notes on the Boys Own charts from the excellent folks over at

"This was the last issue, and "The Sound Of Spring" contained within was maybe half in number of what it used to be, and half of that had a direct route back to Boy`s Own. Lemon Interrupt, Farley & Heller dubs, the two Kevs, and Fabio Paras. Fabio was the man of the moment.

"The Staff" had moved from clubland "foot soldiers" photocopying and stapling a fanzine, to back room DJs, to main room DJs, to promoters and record label owners, and into the studio.

Weatherall had produced a Mercury Music Prize winning album (though the Scream fucked off with all the cash). Boy`s Own Recordings had signed "proper" bands, One Dove and Underworld, who could tour and required management. "Junior" was born with Ashley`s edits and re-works of Disco and House`s history, educating everybody, and with Fire Island, whose sound defined the `90s dancefloor.

Efforts and enthusiasm had lead to opportunities, and everyone just got too busy.

Cymon said to me at a party at The Park, that they were looking for younger people to take it on, and forward, but unfortunately, that didn`t happen.

I have to admit that the records here don`t hold so many memories for me.

I did dance to Mass Order and "Big Mouth" at Full Circle. "Come On Boy" is still Danny on the radio, captured on a treasured tape, play-listed next to Happyhead`s "Digital Love Thing".

Martika`s "Spirit" is another drug offensive on Islington`s Almedia Street, but it is walking out of there and starting anew.

Maybe because their weight ain`t so great, I could easily play any of these records in a set now. Twenty-two years on and they`re not so dated (no Figures On A Beach or Trance Dance`s in here), though I`ll pass on the Sunscreem ("seas turning turtle" kinda messes with my inner poet), and "Big Mouth", but I was always more of a fan of "Eclipse" anyway.