Notes on the Boys Own charts from the excellent folks over at

"The Nation posse and J.P Massiera samples. Happening Hippies. "Templehead" has me lurking at a Flying party at The Wag, where I`m sure it was played alongside that bootleg of Mark Almond riding "Radio Babylon".

"Sonic Shuffle" is Fishtique at Woody`s. Boil in the bag. No sharp bones. Fish heads only. It was like dancing to Weatherall in someone`s front room. Bass can you hear me? Loud and clear. I`m not sure what the typewriters were referencing. Harry Partch?

Tammy Payne and I`m in the garden, early doors at a Full Circle all-dayer, already drunk, burning in Paul Smith linen.

Rose Windross. Ground Beat, and Fabi Paras mixing Nervous dubs round the back of Oxford Street. For Richard and Jackie. In a crew full of couples I had become the odd one out. Taking mushrooms with the cast of Blackadder.

Neneh`s half-sister. Titiyo`s groove was everywhere.

Trying to buy M.O.D.E. from Ashley in Blackmarket, based solely on its appearance here.

808 State, or State 808, is a white-tiled Yellow Book one-off, the boys DJing upstairs, and the girls downstairs. Phil played the Kwanzaa Posse, Drizabone, and Rocky played "Don`t Fight It Feel It". Plug wore his Walkman. Heidi played DSK. Darling Nikki bit me on the nose. Weatherall played "Would I Find Love" and Ruth danced in white silk pajamas.

A nine O`clock drop. Kinky Disco with Alison and Throb. Bobby G bemoaning Dizzi Heights being swapped for Mundo Muzique in the space of a fortnight.

The times they were a changing."

"Morales` Red Zone dubs, Steve "Silk" Hurley extensions, Todd Terry`s madness, and Underground Resistance`s unbalanced Mike. Dance Mania and Italians. The Future Sound Of London. Themes from "It`s All Gone Pear-Shaped". Please forgive me if this goes astray as somewhere in 1991 I lost it.

Shopping in Eastern Bloc. Polish vodka in Didsbury. Purple Ohms in Conspiracy.

A party in Marble Arch. Walking down Madison. Scarlet Fantastic. Sean`s coke bill.

Ibiza with the No-Body-Hair-Bellows Boys.

Sign Of The Times. Fiona, Fran, Dominick and Keeley. John & Greer. My Mama told me not to come. Asking Chris Butler if he was Hugo Nicholson. The microdots in Chester`s wallet.

Dancing with barmaids at Pure Sexy. Puscha in sunglasses.

Shopping in Bluebird and Quaff.

Moby`s "Go". Gary Clail at Glastonbury.

Backstage in Brixton.

Paul Daley getting thrown out.

Johnny looking crazy and the drummer from Pop Will Eat Itself looking vaguely threatening.

Glen Gunner at Moist fresh from watching Terminator II on Acid.

Rampling on Purdey`s at Diorama.

Hairy chests, Sheep On Drugs and vivisection videos at Love Ranch.

Guerilla records and Amyl.

Long Island Iced Tea in Freud`s. Big Brian and Justin.

Squaddies turned Psychedelic Skinheads.

The guy from Wall Of Sound eating Strawberry lip balm.

Craig (living) on (borrowed) Baked Beans. Derek in a wig on High Street Ken.

Fucking leather trousers.

Reese & Jason.

Blind Lemons sucking dropped & trodden Es off the Milk Bar carpet.

Ruth`s birthday and a mistake I never came back from.

The Feeling.

Slaves to it."